Leave Application

Attention to all applicants .

The U.S Army Board of the Welfare Department has made the new rules for the expatriates in war zones requesting for a Work Leave to be applied by their loved ones/friends/relatives for the reasons below.
Health Leave: The health leave is the visit whereby an expatriate/soldier under the U.S Army Organization is not in Good health and his loved ones/friends/relatives may need him home for proper treatment.
Marital Leave: This leave is whereby the Government gives an expatriate/soldier opportunity to leave the war zone to meet up with their fiancee for marriage purpose.
For the Leave to be approved, the loved ones/friends/relatives who is applying for the Leave must remit a refundable fee which is sometimes a percentage off his/her allowance, and also for the welfare of other expatriates that will replace duty posts to continue to serve our beloved country.

These are the durations available for a Leave:
a.   1 Month Emergency Leave
b.   2 Months Emergency Leave
c.   3 Months Emergency Leave
d.   4 Months Emergency Leave
e.   5 Months Emergency Leave
f.   6 Months Emergency Leave
g.   8 Months Emergency Leave
h.   12 Months Emergency Leave

Kindly tell us the duration you are applying for so that we can forward the necessary information to you for the Leave processing department.

Welfare Board,
US Army Care,
Washington DC, USA.